At St Stephen, we delight in gathering together with friends we have known a lifetime and friends we have yet to meet. Let us welcome you this Sunday!

What is it like?

St Stephen worships in the Anglican tradition. We sing hymns (supported by an electric organ and a small choir) and hear readings from the Bible. We explore the meaning of Scripture in our lives through the sermon. We share our prayers, confess our sins, and are reminded of God's unconditional love for each one of us. We share Holy Communion (with bread and wine). We share coffee and tea and the stories of our week.

Our community is a mix of Canadian-born, long-term and recent immigrants and ranges in age from elders in their 90s to young children.

What about my kids?

Children are always welcome in worship at St Stephen. Our Fellowship Room opens onto our worship space and has several comfortable rocking chairs as well as space for little ones who need to move. The women's washroom has a change table and supplies for toddlers (fathers and other male caregivers should speak directly to the priest or a greeter for an alternative).

At the beginning of our worship time, the priest invites young people to gather at the baptismal font in the front of the church for a short prayer. One of our Sunday School teachers gathers with our children in the Parish Hall for a more hands-on, developmentally appropriate reflection on a Bible story. We average seven young people most Sundays. All our Sunday School teachers are screened according to the Screening in Faith policy of the Diocese of New Westminster, and strive to ensure that our Sunday School is a place where children and their parents can feel welcome and safe.

Where do I park? Can I get there on public transit?

St Stephen's parking lot is one-way only - please enter to the left, curve around the building, and exit on the right. There are some parking spaces at the front of the building, but most of our parking is in the rear of the building. Once parked in the back, you can enter the church through the double glass doors of the Parish Hall.

We're also a short walk from Lougheed Skytrain Station. The 156 and 180 buses stop at our nearest cross street - Cameron and North Road while the westbound 110 bus stops just outside the church (eastbound, obviously, is just across the street).

What do I wear?

Our worship has some formal elements, including that our priest and those serving at the altar wear traditional robes. Worshippers, however, are encouraged to come in clothing that makes them feel comfortable. Most people come dressed casually.

Please don't wear perfume or strong scents. We have several members who struggle with scent allergies and strive to be scent-free.

Is the worship space accessible?

Handicap parking spaces are available in the parking lot. Access from the parking lot through the Parish Hall and into the church is fully accessible. There are front row seats ready to accomodate wheelchairs. While many people kneel on the one step before the altar rail to receive Holy Communion, it is possible (and some do) stand (or roll up) to receive the bread and wine. It is also possible for the bread and wine of Holy Communion to be brought to you in your seat. One of our greeters would be happy to offer assistance and direction. There is an accessible stall in both our men's and women's washrooms.

Our sound system has some provision to assist those using hearing aids. Large print bulletins are available.

How much time should I expect to spend at church on Sunday morning?

Our worship time takes just over an hour and many people enjoy coffee and tea for another 30 or 40 minutes.

How do I become connected?

If you like what you have experienced on Sunday morning, please fill out the information card on the back of our bulletin and give it to a greeter or the priest. If you have questions before you visit, please call (604-421-0472) or email