To make a one-time donation, use the green "give" button below.  Please indicate which fund your donation should go to, or leave a message in the Note/Memo area.  Thank you!


For events, such as our Trivia Nights, please use the green Give button above. In the drop-down menu for funds, select the appropriate option (if you are registering for Trivia, then it is "Fundraising - Trivia" for example). The note/memo line is a great place to put in additional information we might need such as the name of your Trivia Night team. One-time givers do not need to create an account - be sure the "remember me" box is not ticked.


The work and ministry of St Stephen the Martyr is funded through the stewardship of parish members and the donations of parish friends. Together our contributions allow the parish's ministries of prayer, worship, community, and practical aid to our neighbourhood to flurish and grow. Every dollar donated contributes to Anglican ministry locally, nationally, and globally.

You can download our 2021-22 stewardship materials, including our pledge sheets below.

To sign up for for Pre-Authorized Donations (PAD) via the Diocese of New Westminister, you can use the printable form below. The same form and contact information on the form can be used to change your existing PAD.