Launched in fall 2019, St Stephen’s is excited to share one of our great joys with neighbours and friends — eating together! This regular dinner is free and open to everyone in our community. We hope it will attract a wide-range of people from families from local daycares enjoying a break from cooking to residents of nearby apartment towers looking for a connection to the community to those who need a few free meals to make their food budgets last all month.

Although we say a short prayer of gratitude before we eat, there’s no other religious content or requirements. Some of our core volunteers join a group for a Bible Study when everything is cleaned up and guests are welcome to join them, if they are interested.

Our desire to create a feeling of community where everyone’s contributions matter. Volunteers are welcome from 5:00pm to help with set-up and final prep. We eat at 5:30pm and we all wash our own dishes. Volunteers also help with clean up. We aim to be done with all the clean up about 7:30pm. 

The meals happen on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesdays of each month.

Our menus are simple: a soup, stew or other “one-pot” dish, bread, salad and fruit, and dessert. Usually vegan and always vegetarian.