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On Sunday, October 10 we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to having coffee time and some festive elements in our worship! We hope you will consider joining us in-person. 

As we did last year, we are decorating for the season both outside the building and inside. For our outdoor display, we are looking for donated pumpkins, plants, potted flowers.  For the altar inside the church, we are looking for non-perishable food.  Food will be donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank which serves Burnaby. Please make your donations to the Church by Saturday, October 2, between the hours of 10:00 AM and 12:00 noon.   

THANKSGIVING OFFERING ENVELOPESFor those of you with St Stephen’s offering envelopes, you’ll note that Thanksgiving is a “Yellow Offering” time. These extra envelopes are provided for special seasonal collections. St Stephen’s donates up to 50% of the total received from the Yellow Envelopes towards a charitable cause. Thanksgiving’s offerings will go to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank along with the non-perishable food items. If you do not have offering envelopes, you can use any of the “Thanksgiving” envelopes located at the front or back of the church, or the use one of the offering envelopes in the pews and mark them as “Thanksgiving”.  You can also drop off an envelope at the church marked “Thanksgiving”.  If you would like an income tax receipt, please include your full name and mailing address.