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BC’s Public Health Officer, Dr Bonnie Henry, Premier John Horgan, and other government officials held a press conference on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 to outline a plan for “restarting” social activities and business in BC. St Stephen’s will work with both BC’s guidelines and Provincial Health Orders and the guidance from the Bishop’s Office in our Diocese. 

When?: Starting on Sunday, June 20, our 10am Morning Prayer services can be enjoyed from within our church building or at home by Zoom. 

How Many People in our building?:
In Step 2, we are limited to a total of 50 people.
We must continue to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet between each person/household group. Should we exceed the ability of the sanctuary to hold everyone at a distance, we will add chairs to the Fellowship Room and Parish Hall.

Pre-Registration & Health Checks: 
The Public Health Order that allows us to return to worship in our building requires us to have participants pre-register. To pre-register for Sunday’s worship, please go to

  • Put your name & email in as the Registrant.
  • Tick the box that says “I am registering myself.” Your info will now pop into the Attendee #1 Info space.
  • Registering for more than one person?  Below where your information appears in the Attendee section, there is a circle with a + sign. Click that to add more people to your registration.
  • If you wish, tell us anything you want in the “Additional Info” box.
  • Then, at the bottom, you need to read and agree to the COVID-19 Disclaimer. It is your standard set of COVID-19 safety questions about symptoms, close contacts, and travel. Click the “I agree” box”.
  • Click the purple “register” button.

You can also email the church at  with your full name and the total number of people coming with you, including their full names.  Lois will then fill in the form for you.

You do not need to print off a "ticket" to bring with you.

Please note: When we were open last summer, we heard people say, “I can wait to return; I don’t want to take a spot from someone who needs it more than me.” We are highly unlikely to max out our space. If you feel ready to return to worship in the building, please reserve your space. 

COVID-19 Protocols: We will continue to be following the standard COVID-19 protocols such as maintaining physical distance and wearing our masks in indoor settings. You should anticipate that we will wear our masks until September 7 at the earliest. Individuals and families who wish to keep wearing their masks, even after BC lifts the mandate will, of course, be welcomed to do so. 

Continuing on Zoom?: We plan to continue the Zoom worship option. At this time we don’t have an end date on using Zoom on Sunday mornings. We will be reviewing the needs for the Zoom format as we go into Step 4 (currently scheduled to start no sooner than September 7), but even with that we suspect we will make joining by Zoom possible through the end of 2021. 

Will there be…?:
There will not be Holy Communion (also known as Holy Eucharist) in June and July.
We plan to start regularly having Communion on August 8
There will not be congregational singing. We will still have the soloists sing for us. We do not yet know when this might change.
There will not be Coffee Hour in June and July.
We are working with our families to figure out what kind of programming we will have for children. Children are welcome to attend starting on June 20th, but there will be no specific programming for them in June.