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There is a kind of seriousness and determination that comes with cooler temperatures and crisp leaves. As I anticipate a return to a more structured routine, I feel the excitement of new possibilities and new learnings. It feels particularly acute as we move more deeply into what might be our “new normal” after the years of COVID-19 disruptions. For the first time in several years, it feels like we are planning for events that we know we will be able to hold – and that is partly because we’ve discovered that there are things we like doing on Zoom. 

We have some incredible opportunities for folks to deepen their understanding of faith and how they practice it coming up this autumn. Our Monday night Bible Study group is going to use a course that provides an overview of the whole Bible. Called “The Path” it focuses on learning the “big stories” of Scripture and thinking about how we connect the stories of our own lives with those. For two Thursdays in September, we are going to learn more about the “Doctrine of Discovery” as part of our ongoing efforts to respond to the calls for Truth and Reconciliation. Community Meal is back! The COVID-19 hiatus was long, but we will kick off again on September 21. This free, monthly meal is all about feeding those who are hungry for food, for companionship, and for community. I know how quickly the weeks fill up, but I hope you’ll make some time to join us on Sunday morning or during the week. We can’t wait to share with you what God is doing in our midst!

-Pastor Ruth