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Pastor Ruth Named Archdeacon of Westminster

Effective, April 1, 2023, Bishop John Stephens has appointed Pastor Ruth as the Regional Archdeacon of Westminster.  Pastor Ruth replaces the Venerable Richard Leggett who retires as Regional Archdeacon on March 31, 2023.  She remains our rector.

Regional Archdeacons support the work of the bishop with responsibilities for a regional grouping of parishes – in this case the Anglican churches in Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, and Coquitlam.  Archdeacons use the honorific “the Venerable” instead of “the Reverend.” The liturgical recognition of the beginning of their ministry is referred to as “collation” (It is the alternative meaning for collate which we normally use to mean organizing papers).

Pastor Ruth will be collated at the Chrism Mass at Christ Church Cathedral on Tuesday, April 4 at 12:00 pm. 

 In the announcement for a previous regional archdeacon, Diocesan Communications Officer, Randy Murray summarized the benefits of the job: “Besides the title of ‘venerable,’ an archdeacon has a stall [a special seat] in Christ Church Cathedral, is entitled to wear a ceremonial cope, and attends many meetings.”

In the bulletin, beginning April 2, you will notice Pastor Ruth's name will appear as:  The Venerable Ruth Monette, or The Ven. Ruth Monette, depending on where it is written.   When addressing a letter or creating a formal listing, an Archdeacon is referred to as “the Venerable”. A letter should start “Dear Archdeacon”. In conversation, an Archdeacon is usually referred to as “Archdeacon”.  You can still call her "Pastor Ruth" at our parish or "Archdeacon"!

More info to come!  

Meanwhile, you can check out Pastor Ruth's note about archdeacons and a link to the Collation ceremony,: