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Christian communities within and without the Anglican Communion have found many ways to celebrate this strange and unusual Easter Day. I commend to you the following:

Two different groups did big "virtual choir" songs: The Episcopal Church took on "The Strife is O'er" at And the United Methodists produced a version of "Christ the Lord is Risen Today":

Three Easter sermons you might enjoy:
Archbishop Melissa Skelton of our diocese preached in the Easter service broadcast from Christ Church Cathedral:

Primate Linda Nichols preached in a joint service with the national Lutheran Bishop Susan Bell:

The Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preached in Washington DC:

This poem about Easter in the midst of pandemic was one of the highlights of my social media feeds: Another short reflection that really hit home for me on social media was this Facebook post from Parker Palmer: (I think that should load, even if you aren't logged into a Facebook account).

In our Zoom Coffee Hour, one of our members metioned that there is a movement among First Nations to share some of their dancing by video as acts of prayer and healing. You can find some here:

Not exclusively for Easter... You might also enjoy the video series Sacred Teachings on our national church's page: