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Every year, thanks to sponsorship and community support, Binner’s Project (an organization on the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver) hosts the Coffee Cup Revolution to demonstrate what a coffee refund system can achieve as well as to open dialogue about how binning can support green communities, and vice versa.

The Coffee Cup Revolution is a one-day, annual event at which binners can turn in disposable coffee cups for a $0.10 per cup payment. This event helps to demonstrate that, with the financial incentive, we can decrease coffee cup litter in the city of Vancouver. These cups currently make up about a quarter of the litter on city streets and parks; 2.6 million cups are thrown away per week.

This initiative from Binner’s Project helps to show that binners are ready to help with separating and returning coffee cups as they do with other containers and encourages the recycling of paper coffee cups.

To support this program, Sara S is collecting clean, dry cups with no lid. Sara will then deliver them to the program. Any clean, dry take-out cup is acceptable. Please give your cups directly to Sara. We are not storing any cups at St Stephen’s.