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In Godly Play, theologian and educator, John Berryman teaches us that Advent is the season of preparation before the mystery of Christmas. Christmas is such a great mystery that many people will walk right passed it without even realizing that it is there. Advent is the season we use to be able to slow ourselves down
enough to enter the great mystery of Christmas. Also, in the church's calendar, the year begins with Advent. Together, these are great reasons to tackle a "resolution" for our spiritual lives.

Reading the Bible daily is a great way to become more familiar with the stories of our faith. The reading plan outlined in our Daily Bible Reading Challenge Booklets (available at the church) comes from a lectionary designed for daily prayer. Lectionary is a term for a collection of Scripture readings laid out for regular reading (daily or weekly, as in our Sunday lectionary). This pattern provides for a reading from Hebrew Scripture, the New Testament, and the Gospels, along with a Psalm.

One of the things that often trips us up when we attempt to start a regular practice of reading the Bible is a feeling that we don't know enough or understand it well enough. Sometimes we just need a few pointers on how to find the different books of the Bible and sometimes we need a little bit more orientation. Join Pastor
Ruth for a 15 minute check in on Sunday, December 1st at noon if you'd like to get a big picture overview and a quick lesson on how to find a biblical passage. Can't make that? Or want something a little bit more? Check out The Bible Project which has some great videos providing an overview of each book of the Bible.

For many of us starting a new habit - like reading the Bible every day - is difficult. We often need something to help motivate us. To that end, Pastor Ruth has PRIZES for anyone who brings in their booklet (available at church) with the readings marked off as you have done them.

Bring in your booklet each Sunday to collect your prize!