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We have been using the newsletter feature on our website,, to share news and plans for how we are staying connected during this time of intentional isolation. You can subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the homepage of the site. If you haven’t been hearing from us over the last week, please check your spam/junk mail folders and ensure that you have entered into your contacts the main parish email,

Please find a Thursday check-in video at this link: In it, you’ll hear a bit about how our priest, Ruth is doing (she’s lost track of the date which probably says something) and some thoughts about who you might want to hold in your prayers.

We’ll be posting to the Events section of our website more details on prayer opportunities for this coming weekend and encourage you to test out a Zoom meeting. They are super easy – especially if you’re already doing FaceTime or a Skype video call with someone. Subscribers will also get another newsletter-style email Saturday with a link to follow for a livestream of worship *and* to join us for a Zoom Coffee Hour on Sunday morning.

For members of our parish, we have created a Morning Prayer service you can use for yourself or someone else who might be seeking an "offline" prayer time. It has the readings for Sunday and our usual Prayers of the People. If you would be interested in receiving this, please contact our priest at

These days are historic and challenging and precious. I pray that each of you may be finding God’s unending love in surprising places, discovering things you didn’t know, and feeling connected in and through the Holy Spirit. -Pastor Ruth